Spanish Idioms is an ongoing idiom dictionary project conducted by  Spanish Word of the /. Idioms are presented in alphabetical order with a brief English translation. Click on the idiom and you will be taken to a separate page. This page contains a sound clip with the pronunciation and a phrase by your Spanish instructor. When you arrive at the sound clip and press play the idiom, will be spoken. There will be a three second pause for you to pronounce the idiom and then the phrase will be spoken. Listen carefully and practice, practice, practice.  



A bordo - On board

A buena hora - On time

A cada momento - Continually, Frequently

A cada rato - Each time, all the time

Tener calor - To be hot

Tener celos - To be jealous

Tener cosquillas - To be ticklish

Tener hambre - To be hungry



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