Welcome to Spanish Word of the I am happy to present this webpage and of course the email list which is designed to promote you knowledge and skill with speaking and understanding Spanish.


When I was a freshman in high school my parents strongly encouraged me to take Spanish. I wasn't thrilled about it and didn't do well. I didn't really believe there was a need to study Spanish. As I got older and a little more mature I became very interested in international matters and studied at the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird). It was there, that language became important and was a key element of the curriculum. However, I was still average at best in my language skill or motivation. But, with the help of the excellent professor, Carmen Boller, I developed a keen interest in Latin America and the Spanish language.

Subsequently, I was fortunate to obtain several positions in export sales in Latin America and my skills grew. In fact falling in love with an Ecuadorian beauty and marrying sealed my desire to learn Spanish. After several years of working in international assignments I settled down in a law enforcement position as an adult probation officer supervising caseloads of Spanish speaking offenders.

In 1997, I began to dabble in operating websites covering Latin America and the Spanish language. I also found time to write a book on the culture of Ecuador called "Culture Shock! Ecuador". Being a lover of English word of a day lists I launched Spanish Word of the I have tried to develop a list working with my wife that is attractive to all level of speakers of Spanish from beginning to native speakers. I hope you will enjoy along with thousands of others who are expanding their knowledge of Spanish and reap the rewards of understanding another culture.


Nicholas Crowder







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